Smith Lake Hardware

Smith Lake Hardware
6140 County Road 222
Cullman, AL

There are 13 improvements on the 18.41 acre tract. The buildings range in age from 10 years to newHardware2. With the exception of mixed use building number one, my inspection leads me to the decision that the buildings have an average overall effective age of 5 years. Mixed use building number one has an effective age of one year. The buildings have a remaining useful life of 35 years. There is no serious deferred maintenance or structural problems with any of the buildings.

The hardware store building is a modern building with metal sides and roof with a brick front. This building is fully air conditioned and is finished inside with finished sheetrock walls and ceiling with a polished concrete floor. The air conditioning is hidden in the attic. Lighting is strip florescent. Windows are fixed plate in a metal grid. The display area is well arranged and clean. There is an office, two restrooms and a break room. Plumbing and electric appears to meet code.

There are three mixed use buildings on the west side of the site. The buildings are dHardware3esigned for office, service or retail. All three buildings are of the same construction. That is metal buildings on a concrete slab with a brick front. Each building is divided into two units with each unit having a separate heat and cooling system and a two fixture restroom. The walls and ceiling are finished sheetrock and lighting is florescent. The floor cover is ceramic tile. The extraordinary assumption is made that the interior of building one and two are finished in a similar manner as building one on which I did an interior inspection. The buildings do not have any deferred maintenance nor is there any evidence of any type of structural problems.

There are five metal sheds that are frame construction with a dirt or gravel floor. These sheds have a total area of 12,855 square feet. The sheds are of various size and shape and serve as storage for lumber and building supplies.

There are also three storage sheds similar to the ones mentioned above but improved with a concrete floor. These shed store items that might be affected by not having a vapor barrier.

Finally, there is a mini warehouse building that has a total area of 2,500 square foot. This building is typical mini construction and appears to be in average condition. It is considered to have an effective age of 5 years.

Overall all of the improvements are considered to be in average condition with normal deferred maintenance and no structural problems.

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