I, Ray Brannum have been doing real estate appraisals for over 40 years. My initial experience was appraising dwellings prior to the implementation of the Alabama Appraisal Board establishment. At the time of the establishment of the appraisal board you were required to take a test in order to get a license. I sincerely wanted to be approved for a license, so I signed up to qualify for a residential license and also for the commercial license. I was lucky enough to pass both test and elected to receive the Certified General Appraisal license. This license made me eligible to do both residential and commercial license.

I am not sure of the time frame, but sometime in the 1970’s I got an invitation by the US Department of Agriculture to bid on doing farm appraisals for them in two areas of the State of Alabama. The north portion of the state, that part above Montgomery and the south part of the state, that part below Montgomery. I made a bid on both sections of the State and for several years was the continued winner.

The work for the Department of Agriculture involved doing appraisals on poultry farms. Because of the complexities of this type of agricultural business I took additional continuing education to help me give an accurate appraisal report. By reason of doing this type appraisal I became associated with a lender in Dothan who specialized in lending money on poultry farms. Their operation included all of the state of Alabama.

I learned to fly single engine airplanes when I was 25 years old and bought my first airplane, with a partner when I was 26 or 27. This ability to fly across the State to various appraisal sites was one of the most enjoyable periods of my real estate career. I eventually ended up with two airplanes. One was an open cockpit aerobatic biplane and the other a four place Piper Arrow. I used the biplane in the summer and the Piper during the winner.  Aside of the shortened travel time element I was also able to get aerial photos of various appraisal and comparable sales.

While my principal experience was agricultural appraisal during those years, I also continued to do residential and commercial real estate appraisals.  With experience and specialized training, I became knowledgeable of commercial and residential construction cost.  The Alabama Appraisal Board and the Real Estate Commission requires continuing education over the 2 year license period and this training fortified by learning experience to help with comparable residential and commercial comparative sales analysis and discounted income sales analysis.

In 2012 while doing an appraisal on a recreational farm I suffered a broken hip which ended up being fungal meningitis.  The operation to relieve pressure on my brain required the insertion of a shunt.  This in turn had an adverse effect on my balance and resulted in my having to use a walker.  With this disability I realized that to continue doing appraisals I would have to limit my business to commercial properties as they are mostly required by law to have disabled access.

The disability has required that I have someone to help me measure buildings and take photos.  I am very lucky in this respect as my son George Brannum, who has been a Certified Residential Appraiser for over 30 years has been able to help me.  Presently I have somewhat limited my work to the North Alabama market area.  Any commercial property north of Birmingham.  I will take some appraisal assignments in South Alabama, but due to the travel I charge an additional fee of $500.00 per appraisal.  My fee for a commercial appraisal is negotiable.

I am qualified to do real estate appraisal on most any type of commercial property.  All my work is certified to comply with the USPAP “Unified Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice”.  As noted, my fee is negotiable.  I try to have a turn around time of 14 days, but sometimes I must extend that time due to my work load.  I will tell you upfront what the completion date will be.

For a commercial appraisal contact me at 256 582 2003 extension #1 or email me at

For a residential appraisal contact George Brannum at 256 582 2003 extension #2.


Ray Brannum, Certified General Appraiser, G00260 Expires 9/30/2019.

Ray Brannum Appraisal, LLC

205 Gunter Avenue

Guntersville, Alabama 35976

256-582-2003, Mobil 256-572-1565, Fax 256-582-0866,


Attended the University of Alabama, Selma, Alabama 1953/1955

Designated CLU by the American College, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 1968/70

Gadsden State Jr. College, received commercial flight instructor designation in 1967

Snead State Jr. College, Boaz, Al. received certification to qualify for Real Estate Broker’s license 1974.

Penn State University-Introduction to Appraising Real Property- Society of Real Estate Appraisers in June 1986

Ohio State University-Applied Residential Property Valuation-Society of Real Estate Appraisers October of 1986

American RE Institute – Residential Real Estate Appraisal June 1991

Successfully completed 4 year CLEP at University of Alabama, Huntsville, Alabama 1992.


Since 1992 I have maintained or exceeded the 28 hours of continuing education requirement by the Alabama Appraisal Board for license renewal period.  I currently hold a Certified General Real Property License that is effective through September 30, 2019.

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